What do I need to use Guestmate?

All you need is a full size iPad and a Guestmate account. We recommend your iPad has a consistent WiFi connection but it isn't required. Our iPad app will intelligently detect when WiFi is available and sync your guests when it is.

Do I need a special mount?

No, you can use any iPad mount available. We recommend you use one that covers the home button to prvent users from exiting the application?

Can users exit the iPad app?

No, you can use a built-in iPad feature called Guided Access to prevent users from exiting the application without a password. You can view the Knowlede Base article for furthur instructions.

Is this secure?

Yes, all guest information is sent to our servers using SSL RSA 256bit encryption.

How can I save the guest list?

The guest list can be saved an a Microsoft Excel spradsheet, a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file, or as a PDF for Avery 5010 labels.

I have another question. What can I do?

Please use our contact page to send us a message.